I am a research scientist studying ice-ocean interactions at marine-terminating glaciers.

I use a combination of modelling, remote sensing and whatever field data I can get my hands on to improve our understanding of feedbacks between glaciers and oceans.

Modelling is carried out using a combination of high-resolution fluid dynamics code, simplified 1D modelling and analytical solutions. I primarily write code in Python, but I also have experience in Fortran, Matlab and C++, amongst others. I have experience compiling and running these codes in parallel on national HPC systems in the UK and Norway.

Field data analysis includes experience in processing conductivity, temperature and depth (CTD) data from boat-based CTD devices and seals instrumented with GPS-CTD-SRDLS. I also have experience processing remote sensing data including Landsat, MODIS, and WorldView imagery; airborne LiDAR and digital elevation models.

I have field experience in Greenland, Svalbard and Alaska, and I was the scientific leader on the British Stauning Alps, East Greenland, Expedition 2017.

In my spare time I am a keen trail runner, mountaineer, climber and quickly adding skiing to the list.