Alistair Everett

I am currently a PhD Student in the Glaciology Group at Swansea University, UK. I study the dynamics of fjords containing marine terminating glaciers which drain large areas of the Greenland Ice Sheet. My main aim is to understand how the presence of warm water of sub-tropical origin impacts upon the melt rates of tidewater glaciers on Greenland’s south east coast.

I am interested in anything and everything affecting the dynamics of marine-terminating glaciers! One of my focuses, currently, is on subglacial discharge plumes, but I have an interest in how other areas affect the near terminus behaviour of glaciers. Some of my recent work has used remote sensing to investigate the behaviour of melt water close to the terminus, and how this can be used to improve our understanding of melt rates and subglacial hydrology.

To model plume dynamics I use a fluid dynamics code called Fluidity for numerical modelling and validate this with scaled lab models.

example of model results