Network of Sensors, Helheim Glacier, Greenland

I took part in two field campaigns in July and September 2013 during which we placed 20 GPS sensors on the surface of Helheim Glacier and collected oceanographic profiles from Sermilik Fjord. The dataset from this campaign is available online. The data collected led to publications in Science and JGR: Earth Surface, as well as articles in the mainstream media including The Los Angeles Times, NPR and

British Stauning Alps Expedition 2017, East Greenland

An independent, five person expedition to the remote Stauning Alps region of east Greenland. This was a self-organised, self-supported expedition funded by a number of small grants with the remainder paid from our own back pockets. During this expedition we completed a 100 km route on skis over 4 weeks. On the way we installed a network of ten ablation stakes, collected temperature and density profiles from twelve snow pits, summited two previously unclimbed peaks and crossed two high cols. I coordinated the scientific aspects of the expedition and produced maps which helped us to identify target peaks and plan a safe route. You can read more about our adventures on our expedition website.