Plume model videos

Here a some example videos produced with a high-resolution plume model set up using Fluidity. Visualisations were produced using Paraview. For more details, drop me an email.

Simple Plume Density Animation

A simple view through a plume designed to resemble laboratory experiments. The rendering is created from a 3D model using volume transparency, where darker blue is lower density.

3D with vertical glacier face.

Model setup with a vertical glacier wall on the left side. Melt rate is plotted on the ice front as white (low) -> red (high). Density of the water is shaded with a volume transparency, as above, with blue (low) - white/transparent (high).

Line release with moving mesh test

A test case for the time evolving mesh implementation with a uniformly distributed release of subglacial discharge along the base of the glacier terminus. Nodes on the ice boundary are moved proportional to the calculated melt rate blue (low) -> red (high).